About Us

The synergy of Ayurveda, Marma therapy and Physiotherapy is a unique concept that has been the strong platform for traditional pain management, tissue healing and strengthening. Being the first of its kind to evolve such therapeutic practices in Malaysia and Singapore, Asian Ayurveda has its firm roots in scientifically validated traditional practices for care and cure.

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Who We Are

We focus on the management of musculoskeletal conditions, neurological problems, arthritis of various types, sports injuries and other systemic conditions like diabetes, obesity, allergic skin diseases, gout etc

Physioveda and marma modalities for treating spine problems – low back pain, upper back pain and neck pain which may be of acute or degenerative nature, are our areas of specialty. We use Ayurvedic herbs, traditional herbal oil combinations, many variants of heat and cold therapies, trigger release and movement in wise combinations to give you the signature Asian Ayurveda experience of restoring natural wellbeing.

Developed from over two decades of clinical knowledge and experience the intuitive therapy sessions at Asian Ayurveda & Marma enable you to understand the nature of your medical condition and give you the true sense of transformation from imbalance or illness to well-balanced health. We also offer exercises & customized Yoga programs for wellness as well as for therapeutic needs.

Our team of qualified and well-experienced Ayurvedic physicians will systematically assess your body type and clinical condition and design specific therapy programs for you, guiding you through the course of therapy with advice on healthy lifestyle and preventive care. At our Ayurveda centre Singapore, we have immense facilities for all kinds of Kerala Ayurveda massages and other treatments.