Sleep Formula

A polyherbal formula which improves the quality of sleep.

Key Ingredients
Ashwagandha (250mg): which contain active principles for calming stress, anxiety
Valerian (400mg): promotes sleep and is a rich natural antioxidant source.
Melissa (70mg): reduces the excitability and helps support natural sleep.
Passiflora (35mg): boosts brain enzymes that helps relax for a healthy sleep.
Magnesium (80mg): binds to brain enzyme and promotes calmness that help natural sleep

Dosage: 2 tablets at bed time


Marma Tablets

(Natural Specialist Joint Care Formula)
Time tested formula for the joint protection

Key Ingredients
Rosehip extract (180 mg): is an anti-inflammatory herb that blocks the migration of
inflammatory mediators to affected area and thereby helping the pain relief.
A Combination of Boswellia Serrata (180 mg), Curcuma longa (40mg) and Zingiber officinale (50mg) reduces pain and inflammation.
Withania somnifera (180mg) gives strength to muscle and repairs damaged muscles

Dosage: 1 to 2 tablets daily


Marma Capsule

Time tested formulation for strengthening the vital points and bones

Mode of action

• Improves the functioning of joints by strengthening the bones and cartilages.
• Prevents degeneration of cartilages
• Reduces inflammation
• Repair & rebuild the Cartilage.
• Relieves Pain and improves mobility.

Dosage : 2 capsules two times in a day


Marma Gel

(Natural Pain Specialist)

Marma Gel is an exceptionally powerful remedy for Oedema and Pain. Apply some amount of Marma Gel to the affected parts liberally and massage gently into the skin. Warmth applied before and after application of Marma Gel enhances action. Repeat as often as required.


Marma Thailam

Very effective for injuries, inflammation in vital points, joint pains, sprains etc

Decoction of:
Ficus bengalensis, Ficus racemose, Ficus religiosa, Ficus macrocarpa

Paste of:
Alpinia galanga, Rock salt, Cedrous deodara, Macrotyloma uniflorum, Gossypium herbaceum, Piper Chaba

Base: Sesame Oil


Marma Kizhi

Herbal powder bundle compress for joint and muscular pains


Ready to use Anuvasana Vasthis (enema)

• Dhanvantaram Chikkanapakam • Sahacharadi Chikkanapakam • Pippalyadi Anuvasanathailam