The synergy of Ayurveda, Marma therapy and Physiotherapy is a unique concept that has been the strong platform for traditional pain management, tissue healing and strengthening. Being the first of its kind to evolve such therapeutic practices in Malaysia and Singapore, Asian Ayurveda has its firm roots in scientifically validated traditional practices for care and cure.

Dr Raveendra Nathan Indusekhar (BAMS), (University of Kerala)

(Senior Ayurveda Physician & Director)

He was the Director and Chief Physian of Ayurvedic firms Ayurpharm International Pte Ltd (2006-2018) and Ayur Health Pte Ltd (2011-18) in Singapore and Asian Ayurveda in Johor Bahru since 2007. Former President and Appeals Committee member to Ayurvedic Practitioner’s Association of Singapore, he has successfully organised and conducted three international seminars on Ayurveda with active support from the Ministry of AYUSH, India. He was a member of WHO-WGM ( Work Group) 2018 and WHO EGM (Expert Committee) 2019.

Area of Expertise:

1. Musculoskeletal and Spine problems
2. Ortho and Neuro rehab
3. Marma therapy

Dr Gowri Govind BAMS, MD (Ay) (University of Kerala)

Sr. Ayurvedic Consultant & General Physician.

Dr Gowri is a specialist in Ayurvedic Panchakarma and has worked under the Indian Systems of Medicine department as Medical Officer during 2003-06. As a consultant Ayurveda physician she worked in Singapore from 2007 to 2017. She was a member of Ayurveda Association of Singapore and has provided technical advice for events and workshops held by AAOS in association with the National Parks Singapore and the People’s Association Singapore. She has contributed expert advise on Indian Medicinal Plants for Gardens by the Bay project under National Heritage Board Singapore (2010).

Area of Expertise:

1. Panchakarma
2. Allergy
3. Diabetes management

Dr Ciga Raveendranadha Babu (BAMS) (Rajiv Gandhi University)

Ayurvedic Physician & Director

Dr Ciga Raveendranadha Babu has graduated BAMS from Rajiv Gandhi University in 2011. After the graduation he further underwent clinical training from National Research Institute of Panchakarma, Cheruthuruthy, Kerala and also traditional Ashtavaidya practices from Vaidyamadham Vaidyashala under the guidance of famous Ashtavaidyan, Brahmasri Late Vaidyamadham Cheriya Narayanan Namboothiri. During the 9 years of his experiences, he served as Ayurveda Physician as well as Consultant in many famous centers in India, Philippines and Malaysia. He has jointly organised many national and international level programs and participated in many international seminars also. He has also coordinated the Project of Revitalisation of Local Health Traditions of Kerala, for Ministry of Ayush, Govt of India

Area of Expertise:

1. Panchakarma and its Kerala tradition
2. Marma Therapy
3. Neuromuscular conditions

Dr Arya Asokan BAMS, CYT

Ayurvedic Physician & Yoga Trainer

Dr Arya Asokan has graduated BAMS from Kerala University of Health Sciences. She is an expert in Ayurvedic Panchakarma treatments and Ashtangayoga. She is also a certified in life style training. She has served as an Ayurvedic Physician in many centers in Kerala.