Operating Hours: 7am -12pm / 3pm-9.30pm – Except Tuesdays.

Reservation: Reservation is required for all Ayurvedic Treatments.

Check In: Patients should be present at least ten (10) minutes prior to your scheduled appointment in order not to disrupt the ayurvedic therapies scheduled for other Patients.

Food: Patients are advised not to take any meals immediately before undergoing any ayurvedic therapy. A light meal may be at taken at least half (1/2) ) an hour, and a full meal at least one (1) hour, before the ayurvedic treatment.

Attire: Patients are advised to be attired in loose and comfortable attire.

Valuables: Please leave valuables at home. The management accepts no responsibility for any loss of money or valuables brought into the Sanctuary.

Assignment of Ayurvedic Therapists: We will endeavor our best to assign a Ayurvedic Therapist preferred by the client. Nevertheless, due to demand aggregation, another ayurvedic therapist may be assigned.

Payment Mode: Cash/NETS/Credit Cards

Cancellation: We appreciate cancellation notice of at least one (1) day to provide sufficient notice to others who may wish to take up the vacant slot.

Etiquette: In our efforts to ensure that all Patients benefit from the ayurvedic treatments we provide, we seek your kind understanding to keep noise level to a minimum. Kindly switch off all electronic devises.